The 2023 GGEAC Experience is Here!

Not ANOTHER women's empowerment event....

Well, how about a women's empowerment MOVEMENT instead?

This year's experience will be one for the record books!

I asked my GGEAC Tribe what topics they wanted to see and they picked some GOOD ones!


If you're ready to rebuild yourself, your brand, and your business, this year's experience will NOT disappoint!

Here's what the Experience is bringing:

December 13th is Workshop #1: Mind Your Mental Health -- Everything begins in the mind. Learn 8 crucial steps to becoming mentally healthy without all of the world's noise and pressures.

December 14th is Workshop #2: Life and Business Don't ALWAYS Have to Grow Up -- Having a childlike view of your brand or business could be the very thing that is meant to save or sustain it!

December 15th is Workshop #3: Building GGEAC -- It is possible to build a brand from what you LOVE and GGEAC is proof of that. Come and get those branding questions answered!

December 16th is Workshop #4: Build Your Own Brand -- Collaboration has its place and purpose, but do people know YOU aside from said collaboration? You can collaborate and still be YOU!

Solution For All Women-Owned Businesses Ready to Handle Business!

Delivering An Experience, not JUST another Conference

This year's workshop series is for the woman who wants to go into 2024 in the RIGHT headspace and heartspace!

Every woman has goals to do more, better, and greater in life and business and each one of these workshops hits crucial points that will help them to do just that. Being mentally healthy, reconnecting with your inner little kid, understanding your favorite brands, and learning to build a brand of your own can help you to move MOUNTAINS in your zone of genius!

An interesting twist for this year is that the Swag Packages for each session will be DIFFERENT and will cater to the overall theme of the book included with the workshop, so you won't have a bag or box full of stuff that will collect dust!

All of the sessions will be virtual, recorded, and made available to those who register and can't attend, so you will get to Experience the Experience still if you can't be in the room!

Register by November 15th to guarantee your Swag Package!

What is GGEAC?

GGEAC is a faith-based line of life and business books for the woman who is ready to acknowledge HER role in the setbacks and knockdowns she has experienced, reconnect with her inner little girl, build a business from what she loves, and take better care of herself!

How It Works...

The GGEAC Experience Events, held throughout the year, give women the chance to work with the author and visionary herself without sacrificing life and limb to do so.

What are the Benefits?

*Face to face with the author and visionary herself

*Ongoing support after the event via social media groups

*Meeting like-minded women

*Forming of lasting relationships

Overcoming Fear... At GGEAC, we were asked if we had a problem with balloons popping. I was the only one to raise my hand, but I did it! I told fear to leave me alone! It may make you shake, scream, cry, but don't let fear stop you! Do it anyway! If you missed this one, you missed a a goodun'!

Genisha Morton

Solution For Women Looking to Level UP!

Rebuild and Remix so you can be READY!

This year's event is about rebuilding in three crucial areas:

*yourself -- your mental health is the first and most important part of you, so when your mind isn't right, nothing else will be. That's why we're starting with this one first!

*your business -- sometimes pivoting is necessary, but it has to be done in a way that YOU won't regret! Those ideas that you pushed back because they're not "good enough" could be the very ones that you need to implement, even if they are "childishly unprofessional."

*your brand -- does what you have out there representing you still communicate what you want it to? People rebrand every day and it's not a bad thing nor does it mean that you've failed.

Solution For All Women Looking For A Break!

Tune out the NOISE!

We're focusing on getting YOU and ONLY YOU back at this event, so grab your cookies and get ready to rebuild yourself, your business, and your brand YOUR WAY!

The Girl Go Eat A Cookie Experience is kicks off on National Cookie Day, December 4th, 2023!

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