The GGEAC Experience is Here!

Did you miss the last event and don't want to wait until 2023 to experience the Experience?

Well, after the ladies at the March event knocked it out of the park, it's coming back for a Summer session!


If you KNOW you need a different level of accountability...

You've read the book and want to pick the author's brain...

You heard about the last event and said that you will NOT miss the next one...

You want to embrace the COOKIE lifestyle and REALLY get your life together...

Then you need to be at the Experience!

Here's what the Experience is bringing:

Friday, December 2nd is the "Who Has the Best Cookie?" Competition featuring 5 of Memphis' best and brightest bakers and will serve as a great opportunity to network and pick up a

Saturday, December 3rd is the Main Event. Join host Tammie T. Polk as she leads attendees through deep dive exercises, and even games, to help us tap back into our inner little kid -- your struggles may have come because you grew up too soon!

Sunday, December 4th is the VIP Debrief where GGEAC VIPs get 1:1 session with Tammie, group debriefing exercises, and additional support for their next stage.

Solution For All Women Owned Businesses

Delivering An Experience, NOT a Conference

This year's theme of Recapturing Your Inner Child comes on the heels of Tammie's book, "T-shirt, Pencil Skirts, Platform Sneakers, and COOKIES!: Life and Business Don't ALWAYS Have to Grow Up!"

It's time for us as adults to reconnect with the inner little girl we walked away from because her ideas were too big, too far-fetched, and nearly impossible. Now that we've "grown up," we look at children around us and realize we got it wrong!

Each activity during the Experience is geared toward helping attendees to understand that having a childlike view of life and business might actually help!

Register by November 2nd to guarantee your Swag Package!

What is GGEAC?

GGEAC is a movement for women who have been knocked down in life, faith, family, ministry, education, business, or career, are ready to acknowledge THEIR role in said knockdown, and then doing what it takes to get up!

How It Works...

The GGEAC Experience Events, held throughout the year, give women the chance to work with the author and visionary herself without sacrificing life and limb to do so.

What are the Benefits?

*Face to face with the author and visionary herself

*Ongoing support after the event via social media groups

*Meeting like-minded women

*Forming of lasting relationships

Overcoming Fear... At GGEAC, we were asked if we had a problem with balloons popping. I was the only one to raise my hand, but I did it! I told fear to leave me alone! It may make you shake, scream, cry, but don't let fear stop you! Do it anyway! If you missed this one, you missed a a goodun'!

Genisha Morton

Solution For Women Looking to Level UP!

Get back to the part of you that grew up WRONG!

Remember how you used to think that you could do anything, but then some adult in your life said otherwise? Like me, you believed what they said and did things their way. Then, ask you got older, you realize that you have been DECEIVED!

Now, you're made because you have the chance to live out your passions and remembering how much joy it brought you makes you want to go off on everyone who said you needed to grow up!

Solution For All Women Looking For A Break!

Stay for the Laughs

We're closing out with a walk down Memory Lane with:

  1. Hopscotch
  2. Indoor Double Dutch
  3. Solo games like Jacks
  4. Board Games

Who says that conferences have to grow up?

The Girl Go Eat A Cookie Experience is coming back on National Cookie Weekend!

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